An Opportunity for a Cleaner Future

Since the late 1950s, a natural gas power plant has operated along the Huntington Beach waterfront, providing a reliable source of electricity to local residents and the region for more than 50 years.

Recent changes to California environmental law require power plants to significantly reduce the use of ocean water for cooling. This provides an opportunity to ensure a cleaner, more reliable energy future by replacing our existing plant with a modern natural gas power plant that is more efficient and responsive to California’s electricity needs. 

Demand for electricity continues to increase as we rely more and more on technology-based devices, from big screen TVs and iPads, to electric cars and smart phones. Given that about 30 percent of California’s electricity generating capacity is affected by these new environmental regulations, along with the growing uncertainty about the future of nuclear power plants, we must take action now to ensure we have a reliable supply of electricity in the future. 

California has set aggressive goals for using renewable sources of energy in the coming years, leading the nation in the percentage of renewable energy sources that must make up our electricity supply.

The use of more solar and wind energy creates a greater demand for clean, low-cost natural gas generated electricity, to quickly fill gaps when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing. Natural gas generated electricity from our new, modernized Huntington Beach power plant will help ensure a reliable energy supply in the future and enable renewable power to become a reality.

AES Huntington Beach is now licensed to modernize its existing plant with a cleaner, more efficient and environmentally friendly one. Our modernized plant will also generate local economic benefits. It will create 3 million hours of construction-related work, generate more than $8 million annually in local expenditures and spur a nearly $1 billion private investment in California’s electric infrastructure, at no cost to taxpayers.

AES Southland is excited to part of California’s clean energy future. Our new facility will be cleaner, quieter and shorter — and will include an architectural design consistent with Huntington Beach’s “Surf City” theme.

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