Huntington Beach Energy Project Approved by CEC

After years of planning and review, in April 2017 the California Energy Commission (CEC) approved the license for the Huntington Beach Energy Project (HBEP), a lower-profile, more efficient and modernized natural gas power plant that will replace the existing AES Huntington Beach on Newland Street.


The new HBEP will eliminate the use of ocean water for cooling — as well as reduce the use of fresh water by 70% — and be fitted with the best available emission control technology and have significantly lower greenhouse gas emission rates than the current plant.

It will use modern, more efficient technology, start and stop more quickly, and allow the state to integrate more wind and solar into its energy mix.


Road improvements began at the intersection of Magnolia Street and Banning Avenue in July 2017, as well as preparation of the parking area and construction laydown areas. Construction of the plant itself will take approximately 36 months. The entire construction and demolition process is expected to be complete by 2024.



The use of more solar and wind energy has created a greater demand for clean, low-cost natural gas generated electricity to quickly fill gaps when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing. Natural gas generated electricity from our new, modernized Huntington Beach power plant will help ensure a reliable energy supply in the future and enable renewable power to become a reality.


AES filed its Application for Certification for the new HBEP in June 2012, after changes to California environmental law required power plants to significantly reduce the use of ocean water for cooling. In addition, the state’s aggressive goals for using renewable sources of energy in the coming years create a greater demand for more low-cost natural gas electricity — like the HBEP — to fill the gaps created when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing. AES submitted a Petition to Amend its filing in 2015, which was granted in 2017.