Alamitos Energy Center Under Way and Making Good Progress


After years of planning and review, in April 2017 the California Energy Commission (CEC) approved the license for the Alamitos Energy Center (AEC), a lower-profile, more efficient and modernized natural gas power plant that will replace the existing AES Alamitos Generating Station on Studebaker Road in Long Beach, CA.



Construction on the new AEC is under way and making excellent progress — for more information, visit It will be half the size of the existing one, with lower stacks and more street-side landscaping. It will use modern, more efficient technology, start and stop more quickly, and allow the state to integrate more wind and solar into its energy mix.

AES Alamitos


An Opportunity for a Sustainable Future


Since the late 1950s, a natural gas power plant has operated in Long Beach, providing a reliable source of electricity to local residents and the region for more than half a century.


Changes to California environmental law require power plants to significantly reduce the use of ocean water for cooling. And the state’s aggressive goals for using renewable sources of energy in the coming years are also creating a greater demand for more low-cost natural gas electricity to fill the gaps created when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing.


AES Alamitos has the opportunity to ensure a cleaner, more reliable energy future by replacing our existing plant with a modernized natural gas facility that is more efficient and responsive to California’s electricity needs.


The Alamitos Energy Center (AEC) will be a natural gas-fired, combined cycle, air-cooled power plant with the capacity to power millions of homes and businesses.


AEC can serve both peak and intermediate loads, and can provide system stability by delivering reactive power, voltage support, frequency stability and rotating mass in the heart of the critical Western Los Angeles’ local reliability area. It will also have much lower stacks and far superior “curb-appeal” than the existing plant.


In addition, we’re building the Alamitos Energy Storage System — a second project on the same site — with 300-megawatts of flexible, zero-emission energy storage that can provide 600-megawatts interconnected resources. This new storage source — the largest in the world — will provide unmatched operational flexibility, enabling the most efficient use of renewable energy resources, lowering costs and emissions, and providing increased reliability to the electrical grid.


These projects will not only provide Long Beach with a sustainable and economically viable future, but also help California meet its aggressive green energy goals by helping integrate more renewable power.


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