AES Huntington Beach

The power plant was built between 1958 and 1967. It was owned and operated by Southern California Edison until 1998, when the electric industry was restructured and Southern California Edison sold most of its generating facilities. At that time, AES Southland purchased the Alamitos, Huntington Beach and Redondo Beach generating facilities.

AES Huntington Beach is an important source of clean and reliable electricity — generating 450 MW of electricity – enough power to light more than 400,000 California homes and businesses, while providing hundreds of direct and indirect local jobs.

This plant also provides Southern California with a reliable supply of electricity through voltage support from its newly installed synchronous condensers.  While the synchronous condensers do not produce electricity on their own, they provide much needed voltage support to help stabilize the energy grid and allow more electricity to be imported into the area. Voltage is the force that transfers power along transmission lines.   So when the demand is high, and without a steady flow of electricity from San Onofre, the grid can experience sudden dips and surges. That’s when the synchronous condensers can release or absorb power to smooth these fluctuations. The grid stays steady and the risk of brownouts or outages is reduced.

Protecting the Environment

To help clean and protect our environment, we've installed over $22 million in state of-the-art emissions control equipment at AES Huntington Beach — helping reduce NOx and CO emissions by approximately 90%, making us one of the cleanest plants in California.

We’re one of the few generators in the state to install carbon dioxide reduction equipment, and are the first plant in the nation to use a urea to ammonia conversion system — eliminating the need to transport ammonia through our community.

But protecting the environment means more to us than lowering emissions. We proudly support the Huntington Beach Wetlands conservancy, a community-based group of volunteers working toward restoring and managing the coastal wetlands in the Orange County Coastal Zone.

Dedicated to the Community

AES Huntington Beach is a regular contributor to worthwhile community service groups and projects, including local schools and after school programs. But we give more than money. Our workers volunteer to help improve people’s lives, showing "the power of AES people" in a variety of ways.

  • American Cancer Society
  • Bolsa Chica Conservancy
  • Colette’s Children Home
  • Duck-A-Thon (Altamed)
  • Goldenwest College
  • Huntington Beach Host Lion's Club
  • Huntington Beach Fire Department
  • Huntington Beach Police Officers Association
  • Huntington Beach Education Foundation
  • Huntington Beach Youth Shelter
  • Local schools and youth athletic leagues
  • Kindervision Foundation
  • Kiwanis Club of Huntington Beach
  • Marches of Dimes
  • Project Self-Sufficiency
  • The Boys and Girls Club
  • Huntington Beach Community Care Health Center
  • The Orange County YMCA
  • The Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center


And now, we’re currently working to replace this facility with a cleaner, shorter, more efficient and attractive generating facility.

Our plans will eliminate the use of ocean water for cooling, increase the local taxes we pay, and we’ll continue to be an important source of local jobs and revenue — not just during the modernization phase, but for years to come.

Please see our New Projects page to learn more about the Huntington Beach Energy Project, or visit


Safety is a top priority for AES Huntington Beach — for our workers and our neighbors. Since 2007, our accident rate has been zero, and our goal is to keep it that way.

AES Huntington Beach was recognized as the co-winner of the 2011 AES North America Safety Excellence Award.  This annual award is presented to generating facilities with exemplary safety records.

More than 178,000 employee and contractor hours were worked safely. AES Huntington Beach’s daily dedication to safety procedures resulted in zero employee and contractor recordable injuries. There were also zero High or Critical Safety Audit findings from the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) team. In addition, AES obtained 100% completion in the following categories: AES Safety Champion Monthly Training Topic Attendance, Near Miss reporting, Safety Walks and Safety Management System Action Item Closure.