We are a values-based enterprise with a strong belief that integrity is a prerequisite for the success we seek. We think of work as fun; and by that we mean thoroughly engaging, challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. Our culture is energetic, collaborative and thrives on a passion for individual and collective excellence. Our business culture is unmistakably dynamic and consistent across our businesses around the world—despite a tremendous diversity in geography, languages and cultures—because of the quality of people we seek and keep.


Create an extraordinary future

AES people repower communities to raise quality of life in a fast-changing world. Huge responsibility + intense commitment = higher reward. Up for extraordinary?

Who we are

Our Strategic Business Unit is part of a 21,000-person team committed to fueling quality of life around the world. The measure of our careers is the difference we make to our communities, colleagues, and families. We don’t just work at AES, We work for AES. We are AES. The only limit to our influence and impact is our own commitment. We care as much about how we act and what we do, at work and in life.

How we work

Energy isn’t 9 to 5, and it doesn’t stand still. A split-second event can unplug a city or upend a marketplace. So we are all in and full on. We work in small, hyper-connected teams from project to project – several at a time – bringing together people from different divisions, specialties and cultures, and embracing the differences to discover new ways forward. We don’t take short cuts and we seek to win on the right terms, not at all costs. We tap informal networks to get big things done every day, so we really know the people we work with.

What we reward

We recognize and reward contribution from anyone, anywhere. Pipe fitters recommended the way to improve all of our plants. Members of our IT team imagined our industry-leading Advancion® battery storage solution. With cross-disciplinary teams and direct access to leadership, everyone’s visible, expected to speak up and pitch in.

Who you are

AES is the place for a particular kind of person.
Operational: Are you the one who…

  • pushes to get it right, not just get it done?
  • finds new ways without breaking the rules?
  • keeps the standards up when everything’s changing?
  • gets even more engaged when the usual way isn’t working?
  • wants to see the impact of your effort?

Functional: Are you the one who…

  • gets easily bored by the same routine?
  • focuses and produces better when there’s more to do and less time to do it?
  • brings people from different cliques or groups together?
  • gets more interested and excited in something when the easy way isn’t an option?
  • always takes on the bigger mountain?
  • thrives on change?

Then maybe AES is the one for you.

Extraordinary starts here.

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